Travel Wade’s First blog post

This is it! My first blog post. It is  the first step in sharing experiences which may be helpful in peoples lives and travels. The focus will be travel, genealogical connections, history and life experiences.


It started with family research, genealogy and making connections to the homelands in Europe starting with where my German-Bohemian ancestors originated. These ancestors were from Bohemia a country that today is the Czech Republic. It was a region of central Europe where a Celtic tribe lived, called Boii. The name Bohemia is derived from these people and are referenced in Roman writings almost 2000 years ago.

Over time, different Germanic and Slavic tribes fought and took over various parts of this region. For many centuries these different tribes lived near one and other and commingled which is very evident in the Germanic and Slavic last names of the different branches of the family tree.

Bohemia was a very prosperous country at the crossroads of central Europe. Beginning in 1526, it was ruled by the Habsburgs and was part of the Austrian Empire until it collapsed at the end of WWI. Following the war this region became a part of Czechoslovakia.

When my ancestors left and immigrated to the United States in the second half of the 19th Century they considered themselves Bohemians and Germans because of where they had lived and because they spoke a distinct dialect of German. When completing the paperwork stating their intention to become citizens of the USA they renounced their allegiance to the Emperor of Austria.

On our first visit to the village region of these ancestors, my daughter and I were invited into a couple homes of the local Czech Residents and we made wonderful new friendships. In addition, one of these people shared correspondence with distant family members back home in Minnesota. This lead to some great connections to more distant family members.

While helping these newly discovered relatives plan a trip to the homeland, the idea sprouted about being a tour guide.

Since then, I have been designing tours and leading groups to Germany, the Czech Republic and Austria. It has been a great experience and my own personal research has expanded to include many families from this region of the world.

This blog will include posts about travel, planning, places to visit and reviews. It will also include shared experiences related to genealogy, family history, European history and a number of topics related to people and culture.

I hope you find it interesting, worthy of following and sharing with others.